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5 Names to Watch in Arizona Soccer: Barb Chura

So far we’ve introduced Katie Cole and Jon Pearlman as 5 of the names you need to know in Arizona Soccer. Both coaches are having a major impact on development of young players in Arizona and in the US. Today’s feature is Barb Chura and Barb shows us that developing skills and confidence in our […]

5 Names to Watch in Arizona Soccer: Katie Cole

5 Arizona Soccer Names You Need to Know Arizona soccer has some pretty big names. The Grand Canyon state is filled with top tier players, coaches, and organizers that contribute to a growing soccer culture. Soccer’s growth in Arizona can be seen through many successful high school and college programs. Not to mention the advent […]

The Best Soccer Pubs in Arizona

Life can be tough for Arizona soccer fans. Sometimes, all you want to do is watch the big game. Unfortunately, the NFL, NBA, and MLB dominate the local sports networks. So you set out to enjoy the game from the confines of a sports bar, only to be disappointed when you find the TV’s flooded […]

Your Guide to Local Adult League Play

Let’s face it; staying in shape is hard to do. That’s especially true as you move deeper into the world of adulthood. Your glory days as a high school athlete can quickly fade into a monotonous 9-to-5 routine. However, adult soccer leagues offer a chance to grind back into shape while enjoying the sport in […]