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Rising in America Making Hurdles Toward Helping Refugees

We mentioned Rising in America, a nonprofit group donating tickets to young refugees, in our previous post covering the Phoenix-Vancouver match. Since then, it seems that the group has received an even more bountiful lot of attention and recognition. They are truly making hurdles toward helping refugees in Arizona. The group has been meeting their quotas […]

Phoenix Rising FC Secures a Win in Drogba Debut

Phoenix Rising FC emerged victorious on Saturday (June 10) with a score of 2-1 against the Whitecaps II. The first goal came about from a beautiful header by Didier Drogba at 39:50. The second goal belonged to midfielder Shaun Wright-Philips later in the game  at 76:28. Fans were in a frenzy as Didier Drogba made his […]

The Future of Fútbol

Big changes are happening in America. We have the first ever billionaire president. Scientists have cured HIV in mice. You can pay for things with smartwatches. And fortunately, soccer is becoming more popular than ever before. So what’s in store for the future of fútbol? Here, we’ll take a look at current trends, financial figures, […]

The 10 Most Stunningly Beautiful Soccer Wives

Let’s get one thing straight. Soccer wives and girlfriends, or “WAGs,” are more than just eye candy. They’re women. They’re mothers. They contribute to our society just as the players do. Beauty is certainly a good quality. Anyone that’s attracted to women appreciates good looks and sex appeal. Today we’re celebrating the beautiful, while also […]

Why the Soccer Ball Is the Way It Is

  Modern soccer balls are actually relatively new, dating back to just 1855. Charles Goodyear is credited as developing the ball as we know it today. Goodyear is the New Englander who invented vulcanized rubber, revolutionizing shoes, boots, tires, conveyor belts, gloves, balls, pumps, and so on and so on. Before Goodyear, soccer balls were […]