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  2. After years of hard working, we just built SocrPro.com, a system where You can: 1. Store your game videos. 2. Edit those video and create coaching lesson for your team. 3. Share Your videos to other people privately or publicly. 4. Create highlight videos. 5. Manage your team attendance, work-out session. 6. Itinerary management system in IOS and web. 7. Monitoring performance profile for each individual on team etc etc And we build this platform on a freemium model. Please join SocrPro.com today ... I think you’ll love it. Gary https://www.socrpro.com/try-it-today (847) 380-7307 P.S: There is no Catch!..& It's free.
  3. @Socceroo check out the new article! http://azsoccer.net/rising-in-america-making-hurdles/
  4. I'd love to! Send me the details.
  5. Hey @PMUSteve, I got a note and a press release from the organizer of rising in america. Let me know if you want to write on it. I had planned it and had been too swamped at work!
  6. Anyone heading along?
  7. Heyo! In my last article I mentioned the fine work of Rising in America. Here is some info on a ticket drive happening right now!
  8. I'd say that ones a win for team USA.
  9. Impressive performance if you ask me! I got to see both goals and then had to run my kiddo around for a bit, I got back to a TV just in time to see the result, could have been so much worse!!
  10. Will tonight be the night that we win in Mexico City ??? We beat them in a friendly last April. If the outcome was set they wouldn't play the game ... I'm feeling excited to see this, USA, USA, USA!!!!
  11. Jealous, looks like it was amazing!! I went to bed without even looking at Facebook because I didn't want to see the outcome until I read your article, haha. Bummed that I can't go to more of this stuff. I know @Socceroo probably isn't too sad though, he was watching Scotland v England in Glasgow yesterday!!
  12. Great game, Rising FC wins 2-1, more info to come!!
  13. Who's going over to Scottsdale? I'm in Sec 111. This should be a really fun time!!
  14. Yo, I was at the bluegrass concert, bummed I missed you tonight. I can't go to the Phx Rising game. Thx for the invite tho. :-)
  15. As all good deals are done, I just had beers and meat with the director/owner of Soccer in the Pines, I have a shirt to prove it! AZSoccer is working hard to become the digital presence of this tournament and provide a better platform for teams and managers to play and communicate. This weekend's tournament is underway, but stay tuned for an awesome and beneficial partnership moving forward!
  16. Thanks Cedric, work is lame!! :-) Just pm'd you. p.s. ~ I wouldn't normally edit another's post but I did remove your phone number, don't want the damn spammers getting it!!
  17. Hey Tim Busy Weekend all around standing by for details. No rush Cedric
  18. Hey Cedric @foot solider!! Welcome to the AZSoccer Community! It's late and I've been swamped but I'll pm you tomorrow with our submission info and add you to our writers forum. Excited to hear about your experience and get more skills resources on the site, I think that'll help us be a better resource to people interested in improving their game!!
  19. Hello my name is Cedric I am more or less an Arizona native. I have played professional soccer in 3 different countries and have coached at an international collegiate level. I love the idea of not only offering game updates but also playing tips for all ages. My favorite thing to do is to break down a specific skill and reference that particular skill from a recently televised match. I am a documentary writer and producer, and this is perfect to combine my passions. How/Where can I submit an example? Sincerely Cedric
  20. I don't have any World Cup memories yet!! I've only become a fan in the last two years so cheers to 2018!!
  21. Ha! That's awesome man.
  22. A close friend was in Brasil, it was his life's dream to see Brasil in the World Cup, he'd been planning it since the day they announced it would be in Brasil. So I'm at another mutual friend's sports bar watching USA and we were able to get my buddy on skype on the big screen, riding a bus from some city to another, PACKED with fans from all over the world, everyone on the bus is singing who knows how many different songs and flags going crazy and a lot of us at the bar knew Adam so we're all crowding around the laptop to get our drunk faces on his screen. USA lost. My best memory of any game ever.
  23. Roar (as in the roar of crowds).
  24. I wanted to hear some people's best World Cup memories. I have a few. One was when I was working in a deli, this old Italian guy (probably around 135 years old) came in excited as hell. It was the 2006 Cup and Italia had emerged victorious. He kept saying "You Italian? You Italian??" I am Italian, so we were friends that day. I didn't tell him I was an Espana fan though What's yours?
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