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  1. Hey @PMUSteve, I got a note and a press release from the organizer of rising in america. Let me know if you want to write on it. I had planned it and had been too swamped at work!
  2. Impressive performance if you ask me! I got to see both goals and then had to run my kiddo around for a bit, I got back to a TV just in time to see the result, could have been so much worse!!
  3. Will tonight be the night that we win in Mexico City ??? We beat them in a friendly last April. If the outcome was set they wouldn't play the game ... I'm feeling excited to see this, USA, USA, USA!!!!
  4. Jealous, looks like it was amazing!! I went to bed without even looking at Facebook because I didn't want to see the outcome until I read your article, haha. Bummed that I can't go to more of this stuff. I know @Socceroo probably isn't too sad though, he was watching Scotland v England in Glasgow yesterday!!
  5. As all good deals are done, I just had beers and meat with the director/owner of Soccer in the Pines, I have a shirt to prove it! AZSoccer is working hard to become the digital presence of this tournament and provide a better platform for teams and managers to play and communicate. This weekend's tournament is underway, but stay tuned for an awesome and beneficial partnership moving forward!
  6. Thanks Cedric, work is lame!! :-) Just pm'd you. p.s. ~ I wouldn't normally edit another's post but I did remove your phone number, don't want the damn spammers getting it!!
  7. Hey Cedric @foot solider!! Welcome to the AZSoccer Community! It's late and I've been swamped but I'll pm you tomorrow with our submission info and add you to our writers forum. Excited to hear about your experience and get more skills resources on the site, I think that'll help us be a better resource to people interested in improving their game!!
  8. I don't have any World Cup memories yet!! I've only become a fan in the last two years so cheers to 2018!!
  9. Well, I was way off on that one. The live stream didn't work at all and although it was 0-0 at HT, Tucson lost 2-0. I'm sure it would have been great to watch!!
  10. Hey @johnkuells, I'm headed to Sporto's to have some of those Vegas Style wings you suggested in your article.:-) Wing Wednesdays, half price!!!
  11. Below is the link. Hopefully the stream will work. Here is the link to our AZSoccer preview of the game. http://azsoccer.net/fc-tucson-plays-second-round-us-open-cup/ As I'm a novice to the world of soccer I don't know enough to start digging into rosters and stats but I did get some good quotes directly from FC Tucson Head Coach Jon Pearlman and Media Relations Tim Towle. My take is that FC Tucson is going to want it more and Switchbacks have more at risk after traveling from Canada on Sunday and heading to Salt Lake this weekend. I think Switchbacks take a "rest game" and FC Tucson comes out on top of this one. Link to Live Stream of game: http://www.ussoccer.com/lamar-hunt-us-open-cup/open-cup-tournaments/2017-usoc/2017-us-open-cup-second-round/20170517-usoc-second-round-colorado-springs-switchbacks-fc-vs-fc-tucson
  12. Hey Huck, I know the tourney promoter is really pushing for teams to have a submitted roster so I'm not sure how a walk on would work. Check out their FB page, I know they have a free agent group. I'm trying to get in to create a free agent forum here but this close to the tournament it probably doesn't make sense to change anything. Next year though!!! If any teams are reading this and looking for players, let us know!! I know a few local players that would probably love to get in on a team!
  13. Our community software has released some previews and a beta of their next release and it is really exciting!! The coolest feature that I'm looking forward to is "Clubs". This will enable us to create clubs and groups without Admin having to create new member groups. We'll be able to have clubs for your local kick-around group, your league team, your supporters group .... Whatever you can think of!! There are more cool things but it's the Clubs that will really benefit our community the most. The release is slated for this summer and we'll keep you posted with an expected release date as soon as we have it. Luckily our community doesn't have a lot of development put into it so we'll be ready for the new version right away as soon as it is released. Yay!!
  14. I took a few pics of the city fields for Soccer in the Pines teams to check out. With a little work both fields will be in great shape for the tournament. DUCK POND FIELD The Duck Pond field is super hard but was aggressively aerated recently as you can see in the first pic. There are large bare spots at each goal but the grass is less clumpy than the Thorpe North Multi Use Fields. Thorpe North Multi Use Field The Thorpe North Multi Use field is softer but the grass is clumpy in many spots and there are plenty of bare spots like the one pic 3.
  15. Do any of the state Universities have NCAA DIV 1 teams or just club teams?? It seems weird that with two schools with such great weather we wouldn't have a Div 1 soccer team!!