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  1. @Socceroo check out the new article! http://azsoccer.net/rising-in-america-making-hurdles/
  2. I'd love to! Send me the details.
  3. Heyo! In my last article I mentioned the fine work of Rising in America. Here is some info on a ticket drive happening right now!
  4. Great game, Rising FC wins 2-1, more info to come!!
  5. Who's going over to Scottsdale? I'm in Sec 111. This should be a really fun time!!
  6. Ha! That's awesome man.
  7. Roar (as in the roar of crowds).
  8. I wanted to hear some people's best World Cup memories. I have a few. One was when I was working in a deli, this old Italian guy (probably around 135 years old) came in excited as hell. It was the 2006 Cup and Italia had emerged victorious. He kept saying "You Italian? You Italian??" I am Italian, so we were friends that day. I didn't tell him I was an Espana fan though What's yours?
  9. Welcome!!
  10. It's a little too close for comfort, but Barca is number one! I'm hoping to catch the match against Villareal tomorrow. I've been a FC Barcelona fan since I began watching the sport. Anyone else?
  11. Mezcal is my favorite drink in the world!
  12. Thanks bud! Glad you enjoyed.