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  1. So far a better run than last year. Keep it up boys, bring the Galaxy here and knock them out, upwards and onwards!
  2. Showed a lot of character to comeback like that. I was in near disbelief that they actually pulled it off like that. Bring on OKC for pay back!
  3. The coin flip is new this year for teams who submitted to host and have acceptable venues for the match.
  4. They will have the new kits on display! http://imgur.com/a/lmCNl They're looking pretty good.
  5. Arizona United beat Sacramento Republic 2-1, a week after Sac beat LA Galaxy II 3-0 and our own 4-0 defeat. Sac went up early, with us fighting back and equalizing. Right before the 1st half ended, one of Sac's defenders got two quick yellows to equal a red, with the 2nd yellow coming in the penalty box. Kassel took the PK but it was blocked. Top got the game winner late in the game in front of LFR, and ran over to LFR followed by the rest of the team and performed a "Bordello Leap" hugging the fans. Scott Morrison and Evan Newton came to Draft House after the match to hang out with fans. Oh, and we got a look at what the permanent kits will look like, with a chance to enter to win won. The players should be wearing them this Friday against LA Galaxy II. Word has it that there are 2 jersey sponsors, one on the front and one on the back.
  6. 2,888 attended the match. The 4 goals came in the second half after United were down to 10 men after Defender London Woodberry picked up a second yellow card towards the second half. The team didn't start training until a week ago, with player signings being announced this past week. It'll take time before the team starts to gel, so we'll see how the season goes. In the meantime, you can watch the video I took with my GoPro:
  7. Was hoping for 18 to be announced as was said yesterday at the LFR meeting that the GM and Coach showed up to. I do know of at least one more person signed who was with PFC last season and scored some brilliant free kick goals...
  8. http://www.arizonaunited.com/news.php The flood gates have opened as they have started to announce player signings today, and previously their new coach, who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. Seems like a pretty sharp guy. Bring on Saturday!
  9. I'd say some of it has to do with Concacaf Champions League play. At this point in the CCL they're out of the group stage and can't get by just sending the reserves. Injuries also don't help, glad Todd Dunivant is back from his hamstring injury. His precense was greatly appreciated in the 2nd half of the Club Tijuana match, just wish he was in for the first half too.
  10. Arizona United started a thread at Big Soccer for Q&A. They SHOULD be on AZSoccer.net instead. http://www.bigsoccer.com/community/threads/arizona-united-questions-ask-away-here.2002123/
  11. So I came across this video: It instantly reminded me of this article: http://www.thepostgame.com/features/201308/why-soccer-last-sport-grown-ups I thought you guys might enjoy this. Manufactured vs. Organic fan support. I think I'll take the organic fan support.
  12. Let's hope for some great deals!
  13. http://odfcnews.com/2014/03/17/arizona-united-sc-owner-explains-bought-usl-pro-franchise/ The more Kyle Eng talks, the more I like him.
  14. Took a trip out to Peoria to do some bar recon for the new LFR pre/postgame spot. Draft House opened up two weeks ago and is pretty fucking awesome. Lots of good beer on tap, its big with pool tables and plenty of TVs. The staff is friendly and its walking distance. Nothing has been decided yet, but I'm guessing this will be the new LFR bar and for good reason. The food is great there too.
  15. Looks like it fell through, and instead got sold to the new owners.