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  1. I'd say that ones a win for team USA.
  2. Yo, I was at the bluegrass concert, bummed I missed you tonight. I can't go to the Phx Rising game. Thx for the invite tho. :-)
  3. A close friend was in Brasil, it was his life's dream to see Brasil in the World Cup, he'd been planning it since the day they announced it would be in Brasil. So I'm at another mutual friend's sports bar watching USA and we were able to get my buddy on skype on the big screen, riding a bus from some city to another, PACKED with fans from all over the world, everyone on the bus is singing who knows how many different songs and flags going crazy and a lot of us at the bar knew Adam so we're all crowding around the laptop to get our drunk faces on his screen. USA lost. My best memory of any game ever.
  4. Hey @Nordic Tim .... Do you know if I can walk on to a team on Saturday? I have to work Friday but if someone needed a sub or was short a player I can play Saturday. Thanks!
  5. I don't think I'll make it to the game tonight but have one for me if you go!
  6. hey guys! I met you at the phx rising game on saturday night. I told you I would sign up so here I am!! Too bad we didn't see much of the game but thanks again for the beer. :-)