Holmberg’s Morning Sickness Defecates on Phoenix Rising FC

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On June 1, 2017’s edition of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness, John Holmberg had a few degrading words about Phoenix Rising FC. Stating that he hates “low-level crap” and feels that American soccer is stupid, Holmberg went on a tirade putting down FC Rising and their fans.

Luckily, Ian Camfield from ALT AZ 93.3 guested on the show. He defended FC Rising, bringing up their MLS bid and using this point to show why we should respect the team. Camfield argued that the May 31 match between Phoenix Rising and San Francisco Deltas drew a significant crowd. Holmberg retorted that the stadium was “empty” and absent of fan support. The match resulted in a 2-1 loss for FC Rising.

Holmberg, a notable Pittsburgh Steelers fan, hosts the 97.9 KUPD morning show. The show guest-stars various comedians and radio personalities. Pittsburgh, Holmberg’s home town, has no MLS team, though they are home to USL‘s Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

It is important to keep in mind that Holmberg’s Morning Sickness is a radio comedy show. All statements and viewpoints are to be taken lightheartedly. This article is not an attack, simply a reaction. However, feel free to send your thoughts to their Twitter page.

While Holmberg argues that U.S. Soccer is going nowhere fast, our previous article, the Future of Fútbol, begs to differ. The $588 million in MLS’ current revenue continues to grow. More deals are being made, and attendance is growing.

Do you agree with John Holmberg, or think he’s delusional? Comment below!


Steve Inganamort is a Phoenix writer who owns and operates HMPYG.com

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  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    John has valid points buried in the comedy. The team are running out an over the hill player just for the hopes of ticket sales. At his age, he doesn’t add anything to the team on the field. Fans that follow soccer day-to-day will show up once to see him then never return.
    While I do believe their is a lot of soccer fans in the state, it’s gonna be an up hill battle to build a true fan base when they are losing to community college teams. Lying about ticket sales and attendance won’t help.

    • PMUSteve
      PMUSteve says:

      Jeremy, a couple of rebuttals on this: First off, it’s no secret that sports team use seasoned players to boost attendance. My N.Y. Knicks did it with Chauncey Billups, American football in Mexico is doing it with Chad Ochocinco. These are just two of a million examples. It’s unfair to say he doesn’t add anything when he has a wealth of experience and a following.
      As for losing to community college teams, you’re looking at it backwards. We need to get in the MLS and keep building the following before we can really build a team. Investment first, performance following. Even so, I could guarantee you that some professional sports teams would lose to a few good community college teams. Again, I hate to use my N.Y. Knicks as an example, but there were some nights when I was pretty sure they’d lose to a junior varsity team for Christ’s sake.
      Those are my opinions, and this is why I love sports. It’s gets the discussion going!!

    • Bill
      Bill says:

      I would reserve judgment about over the hill until after you’ve seen the on field performance. You never know.

      And “lying” about tickets? Get real.

  2. Bryan Jackson
    Bryan Jackson says:

    The Rising FC is in the same category as the Arizona Firebirds and the Phoenix Roadrunners… cheap entertainment that will eventually (and sadly for many aspects) fizzle out and disappear. Phoenix and AZ have had soccer teams before that came and left, even a rugby team, but there isn’t a big enough ticket-buying fan base to support it. Yes, there is a big fan base of soccer as a sport here, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to spend four hours in the dead heat to watch it live! As for Holmberg’s radio show, it might contain lots of comedy, but he was speaking the truth about your stadium. I guarantee his show has more listeners than you have attendees!

    • M
      M says:

      Ummm…just as an FYI…a soccer match last 90 minutes, not 4 hours. Instead of supporting a team, you all choose to bash it. Are any of you actually AZ natives? Do you have any loyalty to this state and trying to make it better, bringing in more revenue and tourist money to our businesses? We have new owners that care and want to see this team succeed. As for the comment on attendance…they add the season ticket holders like every other sport and add the tickets sold at the gate and online. Not every season ticket holder comes to every game. Its not rocket science. This radio guy is irrelevant in my world, and I don’t take in anything he has to say. Period.


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