Arizona Soccer Community

Soccer in the community

An introduction to the beautiful game

For over a hundred years, soccer has been one of the most enjoyed sports across the globe. Holding a reputation and a sway that few other sports can even dream of matching, soccer has provided a gateway into one of the most spiritually and financially rewarding sports you can be involved in. The game involves everything – passion, dedication, commitment and drama. No two matches are same, and no two players are the same. We all read the game differently – where you believe it was a cast-iron sending off, another may believe the ref has corruption issues.

This is what makes soccer so powerful and so important to the communities worldwide. From offering valuable charity donations to bringing in millions of dollars every year in taxes, soccer has become one of the most powerful industries in the world in more ways than one. It’s a commercial and social giant – it captures the lives and souls of millions across the globe, and it could catch you too if it has not already done so.

At the end of the day, it is eleven versus eleven. Every dog has its day, and that is what makes football so special. We’ve all seen the little team lift the Cup, or the underdog defeat the giant. While soccer has millions of dollars poured into it every year, the same principles and ethics apply to the game that have stood it in good stead for over a century. This is what makes the beautiful game the most captivating and enjoyable sport on the planet, bar none.

What soccer adds to a community?

When there is a football club in the community, things change forever. Some of the biggest clubs in the world started out as really small complexes, trying to build themselves up along the way through tiny donations and community grants. However, today soccer clubs give the entire community a “church” to attend. Every week, like clockwork, they will be there to cheer on the squad.

Soccer brings us all behind the team we support – our lifelong adulation held into sharpest focus for 90 minutes. For that time period, nothing else matters and the best thing that can possibly happen is your team winning. Soccer adds a nervous excitement to the town or city, people start to believe – could they win it? Could it finally be our year?

Soccer is an excellent way to stay fit. It keeps children active and with the huge amount of different places to play in Arizona these days there is certainly no shortage! It helps your children feel part of a team, of a learning environment. It helps them develop physically and socially, and acts as a fantastic route into sports for your children. It also acts as a great way to bring families closer together – a game of soccer can be played by as little as two people, making it a great way for the whole family to bond and enjoy each others company!

With so many rises to fame and glorious conquests over the years in the world’s only true sport for everyone, it’s hard to fail to see the impact that soccer has on communities all across the globe. Even in parts of the world whereby soccer is yet to really take off, average attendances are rising dramatically and the quality worldwide has improved immeasurably.

What are the benefits of soccer for a child

The benefits of playing, watching or just learning about soccer are truly unfathomable. For children, it opens up the opportunity to become adults long before you are supposed to. Soccer requires excellent mental, physical and technical traits to succeed at – it also requires team players. Nobody gets by on the football pitch by being greedy or selfish. Teams win when they play as a team, not rely on the best individual. Soccer teaches children the vital aspect of working together to attain our goals, and also encourages enhanced mental development. A child who is used to missing a chance through on goal – let’s face it, even Messi puts the odd one by the post – or a young boy who is used to being told in no uncertain terms that was his mistake is going to be far more mentally mature and stable than your average child. Soccer forces kids to learn and grow up extremely quickly – it also gives them a dream, an ambition.