What is Murlen Digital Presence?

James Murray and Tim Allen met in the Winter of 2008, both of us at a crossroads in our lives. Many factors had led us to question the motives behind money, life choices and the future. Over a beer in downtown Flagstaff we became fast friends.

James had left a technology career in Scotland to pursue a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology.

Tim was leaving behind a career in finance to drink coffee and work in the outdoors.

Well, lots of things change over the years, but not our friendship or our desire to follow our hearts and truly leave the world in a better place than we found it.

In 2014 we started talking about how to turn our passions into an online community. Over two years our hobby grew into several websites and the idea that the internet is more than a clearinghouse for advertisements. We believe strongly that Digital Presence is something that should be intentionally crafted to bring positivity into the real world community that creates it.

It’s just the internet. But, at Murlen, we do it differently. Our sites are designed with true purpose in mind.

AZSoccer.net.  James grew up in a place where football is life. Sport is a powerful community builder. By building a digital community of AZ Soccer fans and supporters we not only promote the sport but also support the community that surrounds it. Youth soccer is a cherished memory for so many of us and by supporting youth leagues, providing scholarships and being an ambassador of positive participation we believe that AZSoccer helps the sport create a positive presence in our state.

WinterReview.com is founded on Tim’s passion for the season and love of Winter sports. WinterReview is an outlet for family owned, independent and community ski hills to get their message out. Instead of charging them for advertising, WinterReview shares our online advertising and affiliate partner revenue back to the ski areas that many of our readers are so passionate about. By building a community of smaller businesses that cannot attract sponsorship on their own we are able to attract corporate sponsorship and share that back to little places.

DiscussAZ.com.  Tim is a 36 year resident of AZ, James nearly 10. We both love AZ and strive to make it a better place. The mission of DiscussAZ is simple. Arizona News. Arizona People. DicussAZ provides a media outlet that is positive. We know that bad things happen and there are plenty of sources for tragedy news. DiscussAZ seeks to promote the beautiful people, places and stories of our great state. DiscussAZ shares it’s online advertising and sponsorship revenue with the communities it serves by supporting community initiatives, service groups and charities.

Murlen Digital Presence creates digital spaces that are positive and noteworthy. Our advertising methods and partners are aligned with a our principals of integrity. You will not find overcrowded or forced advertising on our sites. By building online communities with a Digital Presence that we can be proud of we are able to better connect with You, our readers and all of us can support the real world communities that we hold dear.