is the digital presence of the game of soccer in Arizona.

AZSoccer was Founded by James Murray, a lifelong footballer and fan from Scotland, UK. Jimmy came to AZ in 2008 for higher education and immediately saw the need for an online community dedicated to the game. After receiving his Master’s Degree from Northern Arizona University James teamed up with lifelong AZ resident and close friend Tim Allen to launch the site. We believe it’s more than a website and we invite you to learn more about our digital presence is the home of soccer in Arizona. Our goal is to build a digital presence that supports the game and the fans in Arizona. We believe that digital presence is something that should be carefully crafted to bring positivity into the real world community that creates it. To that end, AZSoccer supports youth soccer programs through marketing and donation.

Our site strives to keep up with all the latest soccer news in the state. From the new pro football club to registrations for micro in your hometown, visit the site often for all the latest AZSoccer news.

Our community soccer forums are the best place in Arizona to meet other soccer players and fans and get the information you are looking for from a real person, a real player, a real fan. From articles to pictures, is created by the soccer community in Arizona. Hey, that’s you!

We believe that sport is a strong community builder and no sport has the worldwide following that soccer has. In a community as beautiful and richly diverse as Arizona we are excited to see the sport growing and be a part of the worldwide football community that is taking hold in the southwest.